Over the past century, Kiwis have developed a special craving for pizzas. The most attractive element in a pizza are the choice of toppings which allow people to create a variety of flavours. MiPiZZA is a unique new concept in New Zealand to compliment this soaring growth in the fast & casual food trend – by giving an opportunity for the customers to build their own pizza from a choice of popular ingredients; as well as reducing the pizza cooking time to a couple of minutes in order to shorten customers’ waiting time and easily cope with high customer flow.


MiPiZZA cooks with heart

In the MiPiZZA experience, customization is the key and the process is fun and interactive! Customers can watch and direct the construction of their ideal pizzas from a range of colourful and tasty toppings. Significantly, our new revolutionary pizza oven speeds the baking time up and quickly converts customers’ desires into a masterpiece within a few minutes.


MiPiZZA supplies everything you need to start cooking delicious pizzas! We have specially selected a list of great pizza herbs, spices, toppings, accessories, utensils and equipment making it an easy to operate branded food system. We bring you an installation kit with everything you need and a professional customer care team to support your business success. Our experienced business consultants can assist you to make the best decision. Call us now on 0800 622 220 for more information.


MiPiZZA is a brand name of Jayen Foods Concepts Limited which was established in 1997.
We are a proudly New Zealand owned and operated company.